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Are You Looking for Bathroom Remodeling Irvine?

Are you searching for the best and most affordable bathroom remodeling company in Irvine? Then look no further than Bathroom Remodel Irvine! With an outstanding workmanship and professional experience spanning a total of 12 years, we have grown to become the biggest and best in the bathroom remodeling business serving Irvine, CA. and all of its environs.
With pride and passion, we are able to transform even the dullest of bathrooms to the most prestigious and romantic of places in your home, fully equipped with the latest designs and highly functional luxury fittings and faucets that would make you go dizzy with amazement.
Our team of highly skilled and dedicated staff always go the extra mile in ensuring that you get the best value for your investment irrespective of the limitations of your budget. We take the time to understand your every need and work with whatever materials you have to bring out the best from every fixtures, fittings, tiling and features.

Services of Bathroom Remodeling in Irvine?

We do any size jobs ranging from bathroom redesign and remodel to a complete bathroom rehabilitation. We are adept at fitting in a small shower remodel as we are at giving your old bathroom a total facelift with additional installations such as a spa or a Jacuzzi bath.

Our bathroom remodeling services basically covers the supply of the following features:

  • Walk in bathtubs

  • Jetted and whirlpool tubs

  • New shower heads and faucets

  • His and hers sinks from top brands

  • Unique vanities

  • Granite countertops

  • Tile and laminate flooring

  • All new lighting

  • And so many more

Procedure of our Irvine Bathroom Remodeling

Before we begin drawing up plans on any project, we ask our clients important questions bordering on space and functionality such as:
• Who are the persons that would be using this bathroom? Is this a master bedroom or a hall bathroom remodel? Are there any specialized needs or designs you would like embedded in the bathroom?
• Would you require sufficient space for more than one user? How many people will be using this bathroom? Do you want an additional medicine cabinet and a His and Hers sink?
• Do you want a bathtub, shower or both in the bathroom? Would you prefer a Jacuzzi shower or a spa tub?
• How do you like your storage needs to be addressed? Are there any useful storage solutions you may want to share with us?
All these questions and many more are what we take into consideration before we begin working and we always have at the back of our mind the goal to increase your enjoyment of your bathroom today and its resale value in the future.
We are committed to providing our clients the finest and most affordable bathroom remodeling service in Irvine CA and with our staff of talented custom bath designers, you can only expect the best. We are licensed and bonded, with a solid reputation for jobs well done.
You can contact us for an estimate or appointment by reaching any of our hotlines on: ….
We look forward to hearing from you.

Remodeling and Maintenance

Bathroom remodeling Irvine requires creativity, talent and experience for it to be successful and all our guys are well endowed. We use very detailed and exact measurements to give you a perfect work done the first time, and we provide a round-the-clock maintenance service that you can always rely on.

We work with top brands of walk-in bathtubs, hot tubs and showers and we only use high quality and original fittings and features for our clients. Also, before giving you a quotation, we educate you on the best choice features that would be most suitable for your bathroom and that is within your budget.

From our experience, we have come to realize that most clients desire for a cozy yet spacious and beautiful bathroom, hence our focus on style and relaxation, without forsaking privacy and space utilization as well.

Bathroom Remodeling With Your Choice

Whichever your choice is, whether traditional or modern, fully branded or custom made, our team of skilled experts are willing to work with you in identifying and bringing together the different design aspects you have selected to create a perfect and uniformly aligned theme.
With the profusion of concepts and trends in the Irvine bathroom remodel industry and a whole lot more springing up on a daily basis, it can be quite overwhelming to settle for a particular design from the myriads of options available, however, with our decade long expertise, you can be assured of getting the best that is within your budget.
Also, if you prefer to source the materials yourself, that is fine. We would be happy to provide the labor and still give you the professional service that signifies our brand. We believe that our reputation is sacrosanct and we try our very best to safeguard it, so you can be rest assured of an outstanding performance on every job we do.
From start to finish, we work with your vision of how you want your bathroom to look like. We produce sketches and blueprints that carefully analyzes every single detail of the layout, then we plan accordingly and complete the job within the specified time provided.

Reputation and Portfolio!

We have a loaded portfolio which showcases numerous varieties of our recently completed projects where you can select your bathroom remodeling ideas from. With lots of beautiful bathroom images and ultra-modern, state of the art collections, you will definitely find your favorite pick.